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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Away Again

25th May – Monday

There has been an addition to the touring crew this year – Cat has decided to join us on our travels. You will probably find Cat popping up from time to time!

A dull and dreary day to start our travels after spending nearly an hour saying goodbye to family and neighbours; on the road just before 11.00am.

This year we have decided to display our 2 way radio channel on the back of the caravan, so consequently leave the receiver on when in the car. We had just passed through Melton Mowbray when the truck driver behind asked our names – turned out it was Sally’s husband, Paul and we were having tea with them before boarding the boat. We chatted to Paul until he stopped at Spring Hill for his break and we continued to Campbell Town for lunch. Shortly after joining the Bass Highway near Carrick, I managed to upset a couple of truck drivers who were having a quite reasonable conversation on the 2 way but every second word began with “F!” At the first break in conversation I reminded them it was an open channel and would they mind watching their language – a very reasonable request, and they didn’t have the foggiest idea who or where I was. There was stunned, dead silence for about 20 seconds, then one said he didn’t have an on/off switch and the other muttered something about a woman. However, they continued to talk for some time and not one swear was heard!

Afternoon tea with the Les’ mother in Ulverstone and Margaret and Alan joined us as well, after they received a telephone reminder. Both had forgotten about us coming. Then back to Devonport to Sally’s, where we were joined by Lyn and Jeff. A very pleasant start to the evening.

Down to the boat, no trouble with security, although the lady did check the bathroom to make sure were weren’t hiding anyone in the caravan, then we drove straight on board. One of us felt the first half of the trip was a little uncomfortable as the boat did corkscrew a bit (up and down and well as rolling at the same time), Cat didn’t seem to enjoy it either, and one of us snored loudly all night.

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