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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sunday Lunch at Geelong

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Kevin, Sandi, Les, Pauline, Milton, Margaret, Norm

I have had a special request for one final blog.

Yesterday, we decided to visit the DFO Essendon for our shopping excursion.  Being right beside the Tullamarine Freeway at Essendon Airport, the centre was easy to find, however, finding the access was much more difficult, even for TomTom.  The centre’s address on their website was actually in the middle of the southbound lanes of the freeway, which really threw a spanner in the navigational works.  We ended up doing a tour of the backstreets of somewhere before being able to access the freeway again and find our way to the carpark – not one sign anyway to help!  We managed to buy what we had planned, so a good day.

If anyone is interested, you will be glad to know that the first international flights for the day land at 4.30am – and when the wind is from the north, the planes fly directly over the Big4 Discovery Caravan Park at Braybrook, and at a low, decreasing altitude.  After the first plane, the remainder follow about one to two minutes apart.  Just in case anyone is interested ...

A big surprise today because the sun actually shone and the wind swung from the south to the north.  Leaving the caravan in the park, we had an hour’s drive, under clear blue skies, to Ripples Restaurant on the bay in Geelong.  A family lunch had been organised, with four cousins and three partners attending.  The food was great, as was the company and the time slipped away very quickly as we caught up with all the news.

Time to raise the jacks and hitch up one last time before we commence the final leg of our homeward journey.  The weather is looking reasonable, with north-west winds to assist and the forecast is for seas of 1-2 metres, so not too bad.

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