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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Wagga Wagga Wagga

27 September – Saturday

Don’t call Wagga Wagga Wagga!!!

Extremely hot today, well over 30 degrees and clear skies. In preparation for the afternoon’s viewing, we visited the Wagga Wagga Sporting Hall of Fame. It was surprising how many talented and well-known sportspeople have come from Wagga Wagga, not just Paul Kelly, Wayne Carey and Mark Taylor. A very interesting place, with memorabilia as well as story boards. It was interesting to see that Paul Kelly had a full size board devoted to him, while Carey shared a board with Terry Daniher.

This afternoon was spent watching the Grand Final and cheering on Hawthorn. It was a great result, especially for Shane Crawford – and despite a broken foot, the grin on Trent Coade’s face was definitely memorable. The AFL actually made the NSW television news tonight.

This caravan park is supposed to be a tourist park, but seems to have a very high proportion of permanents/long term residents in the cabins and caravans. Some of them have very “interesting” appearances and we were woken this morning by a young “lady” telling her partner he should leave – or words with a similar meaning. A couple of hours later we did notice a number of red, white and blue striped plastic bags outside the cabin. Perhaps the request had been reinforced! We certainly wouldn’t leave the barbecue outside the caravan overnight.

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