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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Nyngan Museum

SATURDAY, 28th MAY 2016

Well lit

Honour Roll

Very cold station platform

Thank goodness for 7Mate, which broadcasts the AFL games – we were able to watch Sydney Swans wallop the North Melbourne Roos last night.  J

The rain returned during the night, along with some strong wind gusts.  It is always amazing how some people can sleep through very noisy weather!  The rain/drizzle continued this morning, along with plummeting temperatures; this meant that the washing only had about 15 minutes on the clothes line before being placed in the dryer.

Late in the morning, we returned to the museum at the old station and met a wonderful 88 year old lady who acted as our guide.  We were first shown to a small theatre to watch a film of the 1990 floods, which inundated and devastated Nyngan.  Our guide made this film very personal, by recounting her experiences in the flood and how it had affected her life as a recent widow living on a large property and running a business in the town.  Following our tour of the museum, with special admiration given to a handpainted and scribed Roll of Honour (such amazing work deserves to be in a national war museum), we joined our guide for our Devonshire tea and continued to listen to her stories about her life.  Edna really made our morning very special.

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