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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bourke Continued

TUESDAY, 31 MAY 2016

The beautiful, clear blue skies have continued now since Sunday – our vitamin D levels are rising very quickly!

Yesterday morning was time to catch up on some laundry and house duties (so nice to hang the washing on a clothesline in the sun) before driving to May’s Bend, about 15 kms north of here on the Darling River.  After leaving the highway, the corrugations in the road rapidly realigned our spines and found a few things to rattle in the car.  However, it wasn’t long before the gravel turned into dirt, both red and yellow, which had recently been very wet.  By the many deep ruts in the dirt, it was obvious that there had been a number of free campers at May’s Bend who had left when the rain started.  Our destination was a pleasant campsite on the banks of the Darling, which was mostly covered in duck weed.  After talking to some happy campers, watching the parrots and a hawk of unknown variety, we headed back to town, shaking all the bones back into place.  Bourke has some magnificent old buildings, owing to its heritage as an important town on the Darling River trade route south – it is nice to see them so well maintained.

Today, we have mainly been relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, apart from a walk along the river and a trip to the Visitors’ Centre.  Cat is starting to enjoy his holiday now that the sun has been shining for a few days.  Although there were quite a few empty sites here last night, tonight should be nearly full, given the number of caravans driving around looking for sites.

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