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Thursday, 2 June 2016




Lots of emus - not easy taking photos from a bouncing vehicle

Two emus

Cunnamulla Fella


In need of a fix!

Time travellers

Cat and an oldtimer

Corellas on the television tower

Corellas in a tree

Our site

If only I had a Thermomix to make cumquat marmalade ...

Don't know, but very stunning

Warrego River

Bush mobile

Gone to the big nest in the sky


River viewing


We woke to a warm and very overcast morning, with rain threatening as we packed up for the next stage of our trip north.  It wasn’t long before we ran into rain, but it didn’t both us much as the road was good and straight.  Fortunately, we didn’t meet any road trains on this normally busy truck route.  With most of the caravans leaving the park at roughly the same time, it did seem as though we were travelling in convoy for the majority of the morning.

Today was the first time that we have encountered roadkill (apart from the very odd kangaroo), but today we spent most of the time weaving from one side of the road to the other in order to miss the carcases.  Although some were quite old, many were very recent kills.  Obviously, there hasn’t been as much rain in this area and the wildlife is coming to the road edges to feed.  Once we crossed the border into Queensland, we saw hundreds of emus – we have never seen so many before, with dozens to a paddock.  The rain had also disappointed by the time we reached Queensland and we have enjoyed a warm and sunny afternoon.

We treated ourselves to lunch today, paid our respects to the Cunnamulla Fella and visited the Artesian display.  We viewed a very interesting and informative film before entering a “Tardis” and shaking our way back 20 million years to the age of dinosaurs and the formation of the artesian basin.

We are staying at the Warrego Riverside Tourist Park, a gem on the banks of the Warrego River.  There are large drive-thru sites with gravel roadway, grassed area and garden divides, with herbs for picking.  The modern amenities are very good and clean.  The local kangaroos are very friendly and keep a close eye on the travellers.

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