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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Kinnon & Co Stagecoach Tour


I'll just have the cream, thank you

Watch out, bushrangers!

Ready to roll, with our earphones!

Cobb & Co five horse hitch

Typical Longreach intersection with light pole in centre of roadway
We are definitely in the tropics – very hot 31 degrees today and the washing dried in record time!

This morning we undertook the Kinnon & Co Stagecoach Tour, which lasted four hours.  The actual stagecoach tour only lasted a bit over 30 minutes and we were unable to go into the bush because the creek crossing is still flooded, so roamed the streets of Longreach, did a couple of gallops down the dirt dunny lanes and had our photo taken by numerous tourists.  We were treated to a rather delicious Devonshire tea (much to Cat’s delight!) and then were shown a movie – Smiley Gets a Gun, which did bring back many memories and laughter.  We were even offered popcorn half way through the movie, but felt that Jaffas or Fantales would have been more appropriate.  Following the movie, we were treated to an hour live performance by our stagecoach driver and his assistant.  Their humour was so dry and the unscripted and unplanned sequence of events when one of them was pulled around the set hanging onto a cow’s tail, falling off and hitting the tin dunny house, a horse biting the cow on the bum and the cow getting rather upset just had to be seen to be believed.  The audience erupted and the two actors collapsed with laughter!

We have decided to stay in Longreach for an additional night as our planned trip to Adel’s Grove has had to be scrapped.

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