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Monday, 18 July 2016

Cattana Wetlands and a Birthday

MONDAY, 18 JULY 2016

On Sunday, with the sun shining and the temperature hovering about the 28 degree mark, we decided to add to our morning walk along the creek with a walk around the Cattana Wetlands.  As we turned off the main road towards the wetlands, I noticed a large snake on the side of the road – his very flat head probably meant this was one snake we didn’t need to worry about.  We walked right around both lakes (keeping a very wary eye out, of course!), enjoying the tranquillity, the small water lilies, the melaleucas, a tree literally covered in a spider web (complete with hundreds of spiders) and the scenery in general.

About 330 am on Monday morning, it started to rain and by 7.00 am we were experiencing a tropical downpour, more typical of February weather.  The rain continued until nearly lunch time; very hot and humid as well.  It was a good morning to spend inside taking birthday calls.  James and Maureen arrived, chasing the rain away and increasing the humidity even more, and we headed to Barnacle Bill’s to celebrate my birthday.  After lunch, it was off to Smithfield to collect my new glasses, necessary because the transition lenses were no longer transitioning!  All good now.  James and Maureen joined us for a late afternoon tea and to help eat the lemon drizzle cake made this morning.

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