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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Centenary Lakes



The Pier

Young Endeavour



Moon Gate

Looking through the Moon Gate

Red flowers


Turtle with an itch

Freshwater Lake

Guard dogs

Looks vaguely familiar

Another view of the lake



Pandani swamp

The days just seem to slip by without any effort.  Last Sunday we enjoyed a stroll around the marina and along the boardwalk – the man at Movenpick recognises us now!  The weather was superb and we spent some time looking at the large “yachts,” the Young Endeavour was in port and a young man spent a considerable amount of time trying to stand up on jet boots in the water, without much success.

Tuesday night was time for bowls, and our next door neighbours asked to come with us.  The temperature was just perfect after dark for playing and my triples team showed great skill (not to mention the skipping!) to win the night’s competition.  The $30 meat voucher from a local butcher will come in very handy.

The weather has remained consistently hot every day, with the temperatures between 28-30 degrees.  As Himself has been feeling the heat somewhat, we ordered a fan over the internet (winter up here, so only heaters available in the shops) and collected it from Officeworks.  Unfortunately, after unpacking it, he discovered a large crack in the plastic casing but as the fan worked perfectly, decided it wasn’t worth the effort of returning to Officeworks and waiting another week for a replacement.  Life under the awning is much more tolerable now.

Today we enjoyed a long walk through the Botanic Gardens and the Centenary Lakes Park – it was very pleasant walking under the trees and around the lake.  A new addition since last year has been the Chinese Friendship Garden, with a pavilion extending into the lake.  This is a very popular area for tourists and locals alike, although the walk through the pandanis swamp and paperbark forest was a bit on the humid side.

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