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Friday, 26 August 2016

Cairns Continued


Migratory birds

Motor yacht

With Maureen

Jelly Boys

The rain has disappeared this week and the heat returned with a vengeance!  Yesterday was very, very humid – temperature of 30 degrees with over 80% humidity meant lots of showers and changing of clothes.  Cat has spent the majority of the days stretched out in front of the fan under the awning.

Last weekend, we once again visited the Esplanade Markets (which seem to be getting smaller each week) and enjoyed a long walk along the Esplanade boardwalk.  We also walked around the pier and marina and joined the many spectators staring at the large motor yacht which has been moored at the marina for a couple of weeks.

Sunday night became a bit drama filled after Himself received an email from Amazon USA thanking him for his order and it would be sent to an address in Indonesia.  This resulted in an immediate telephone call to the USA; Amazon weren’t really helpful apart from saying that the order had been placed on his account and to ring the Australian Amazon the next day.  It was then a matter of working through all the urgent password changes that had a credit card linked to them before retiring for the night.  An early telephone call next day to Amazon again didn’t help much, so the credit card had to be cancelled and the remainder of the passwords changed.  A very stressful 18 hours and it was felt that a foot massage would help with stress relief.

We have been continuing our walks when possible, however, the pathway was closed on Wednesday for a few days while cane cutting was in progress.  This also means that there will be a lot of snakes on the move looking for a new home.  Wednesday afternoon, we escaped the heat for a time with a visit to the Botanic Gardens and the shade.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a farewell lunch at Barnacle Bill’s with James and Maureen, who will be departing Cairns on Monday.  We were lucky enough to find a free car park outside the Contemporary Arts Theatre, with its jelly baby statues lining the footpath.

The little used bicycle has been sitting on display with a “For Sale” sign the last couple of weeks – a few people have expressed an interest and yesterday it left us for a new home in Cairns.

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