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Friday, 19 August 2016

Spirit of Anzac


This time in one month we will be home – our time in the north has gone very quickly this year.

Unfortunately, the rain has continued this week as well, rather restricting our exercise regime, but we are still wearing our shorts and t-shirts!  Earlier in the week, we enjoyed a lunch at Trinity Beach with James and Maureen.  However, the usually blue Coral Sea was a rather cloudy grey, possibly due to the very grey clouds overhead.  Following lunch, we travelled back into Cairns for a quick visit to the RSL, then undertook another quality control test on the ice cream.  We also took the time to visit Munro Martin Park, which has just re-opened after a major reconstruction and facelift.  This park has also had a large stage built within its boundaries and it is planned that major productions will take place here (weather permitting, of course) until the new theatre is constructed.  The old wartime command post, which became the Scout Shop after some cosmetic work, has also been retained.  We were very impressed with the grounds and gardens and the place, especially the stage, will look stunning in another year when all the vines have grown over their supports.

On Thursday afternoon, we visited the Spirit of Anzac Experience, a touring exhibition from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.  Focused primarily on the First World War, the complete exhibition was very well planned and put together – well worth the visit.  At last, it was clearly explained how the assassination of an archduke resulted in a world war!  The afternoon was completed by attending the twilight service at the Cenotaph to commemorate Long Tan Day and remember all the Vietnam veterans.

We are now regularly visited by one of the resident stone bush curlews which has discovered that some chicken meat will usually be provided for a snack.  Himself has also decided that he no longer requires a bicycle for exercise.

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Barry and Denise said...

Oh no! Not selling the bike.