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Sunday, 18 June 2017


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Yesterday morning dawned bright and clear, with no rain in sight while we packed up and prepared for the 350+ km drive to Rockhampton.  We did encounter a small shower during the morning but it quickly disappeared and the temperature was a very pleasant 27 when we arrived in Rockhampton shortly after lunch.  The road wasn’t too bad with only a couple of roadworks to slow us down and luckily there weren’t many trucks on the road.  We had a couple of shorts breaks during the morning and a lunch stop at a roadhouse.

We are staying at the Big4 Discovery north of the river – we have stayed here on a number of occasions and it has never changed.  The sites here are raised above the level of the road slightly and it was difficult to insert the jockey wheel easily, so Himself decided it would be better if we moved the caravan back; the jockey wheel fitted easily.  He continued with setting up and connecting all hoses, etc, before pulling out the awning (usually first job if raining) and then discovered The Palm Tree!  Only being here for two nights, we decided to boost our vitamin D levels instead of rehitching the car and caravan.

Although there is free wifi here (as most caravan parks now offer), it was extremely slow so I decided to use my own.  Needless to say, it would not turn on and without the internet, I couldn’t look up the Telstra number to ring for assistance.  So we had to brave the Saturday afternoon crowds at the shopping centre and find a nice Telstra customer service officer who simply removed the battery, put it back in and turned the thing on!!!

Question:  What happens when the salt gets damp and wont come out of the salt shaker?
Answer:  Remove bottom plug, remove salt and wash salt shaker.
Question  What happens when someone forgets about the little plastic plug and lets the water out of the sink?
Answer:  Little salt shaker plug quickly disappears.
Result:  Buy new salt and pepper shakers.

Question:  What happens next day when the sink will not drain?
Answer:  Raise front of caravan, crawl under caravan, remove sink hose and discover blockage caused by little plastic plug.
Result:  We now have two sets of salt and pepper shakers.

The weather has been superb and we have really enjoyed the chance to relax in the warmth and for the second time in four weeks, the washing was hung on the clothes line!

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