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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Cairns (2)

Thursday, 29 June 2017

A wet and soggy hibiscus

Freshwater Creek contemplation

It even takes selfies!

We have now been in Cairns for five days and the first three days were fine and sunny, yesterday we had a couple of quick, light showers but the rain did set in overnight and has hardly let up all day.  The only consolation is that the temperature is still a very pleasant 26 degrees, down a bit from the 28 on the sunny days.  The nights have been very warm, as well.

The week so far has been fairly quiet, catching up on supermarket shopping, visiting Cazaly’s to renew our membership, quality controlling Movenpick (just to be sure), as well as a visit to Bunnings for a flowering plant to make the awning look a bit more homely.  I didn’t have to ask twice if Himself wanted to come with me!  As a consequence, the caravan has now had a good bath and spruce up.

Tuesday evening, we renewed our friendships at the Edge Hill Bowls Club and made to feel very welcome.  It was good to get back on the green and put down some nice bowls; the game did become more interesting after a quick, sharp and heavy shower of rain, which sent some (including me) scrambling for waterproofs while the majority didn’t bother.  Not sure about the wet t-shirt look among this age group, though.

This morning, as it was raining heavily, I decided to check out the Cairns DFO, which seems to have less shops than last year.  After lunch, we took the umbrellas and set out between showers for a walk along the creek but probably only went about a kilometre before the rain became heavy once again and we retraced out steps – very warily on the slippery leaves on the pathway.  Not having my camera with me, I used my iPhone to take photos and was very proud of myself at actually managing to get the photos from the phone to my laptop!

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