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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Wet Tropics and Cairns

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Just floating along

Blue sky!

Fur coat and 29 degrees!!!

The last few days have been very wet and miserable, with Cairns recording more than its July average in just a couple of days.  Between showers on Saturday, we managed to drive into Cairns and have a walk through the weekly Esplanade market (nothing new and probably a couple of stalls less than last year), with an ice cream to follow up.  A visit to Rusty’s Market was followed by a quick stop at Cairns Central for some new pyjamas for Himself.  It took us longer to find a parking spot than it did to buy the pyjamas!  The US Navy has had a ship in port for five days and it was quite easy to spot the sailors.

On Sunday, it rained heavily all day and we had a lovely moat surrounding our raised concrete slab.  We drove to Smithfield for our daily supplies – really just to fill in the morning and walk around out of the rain.

Monday was our 46th wedding anniversary and it REALLY rained!!!  We had decided to celebrate with lunch at Barnacle Bill’s and thoroughly enjoyed our barramundi and duck, not to mention the bubbly.  It was far too wet to even consider a walk with our umbrellas and the moat was overflowing by now.

Today, the rain disappeared, the sun came out and there was a mad rush for the washing machines and clothes lines!  It has been so nice to get some air flowing through the caravan and dry everything out – even the bedding and seats were starting to feel damp.  It was also good to get out for a decent walk along the creek and feed the fish, although given the size of some of them, they don’t really need extra food.  It has also been very hot today (29 degrees) which has left Cat shedding madly and suffering a little with the heat.

Happy Fourth of July to all the USA readers!

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