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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Flecker Gardens & Crystal Cascades

Thursday, 6 July 2017

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Decisions, decisions

Down, down ...

The weather has continued dry and hot, with 30 degrees each day and the nights dropping to 22.

After a quiet morning yesterday, which just seemed to disappear as mornings do, we visited the Flecker Gardens (Cairns Botanic Gardens) to enjoy a walk under the trees and inspect the new works which have now been completed, after part of the garden was closed last year.  Some nice new paths and plantings, together with a very industrious scrub turkey which was being offered as dinner to any takers!  The butterflies in the new orchid house have increased and seemed particularly fond of the orchids.  With its lily pond and tropical plants, this is a very pretty section of the gardens.

This morning’s entertainment was provided by the owners of a campervan who had broken the winding cable mechanism, which meant that the top would not lower and had to be manually pulled down.  Not being exactly light, a dozen men were conscripted for the task and after much discussion and a few false starts, the roof eventually lowered and the rig towed away for repairs.

This afternoon, we enjoyed a walk at Crystal Cascades, along with a multitude of other people (and a lot of teenagers jumping off the cliffs).  Although shaded under the trees, the thick vegetation also meant high humidity.

Lots of photos today!

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