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Saturday, 12 August 2017

A Week in Cairns

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Harvested cane

Freshwater Creek

Popular pretty plant

Heritage Scout Hut in Munro Martin Park

Stage, August 2016

Stage, August 2017

Beautifully framed!

August 2016

August 2017

Red jade vine

Aqua jade vine

The big excitement last Saturday was, while fattening the fish once again, seeing the snake returning across the creek – perhaps the same snake does laps for exercise?

The weather has been beautiful all week – very warm and sunny with clear days and nights, which means slightly cooler nights (and a blanket!).  The days just seem to disappear and it is less than three weeks now until we depart Cairns and commence the long drive home.

Tuesday night at bowls proved to be good bowling but no prizes.  Wednesday we joined the latte set at Port Douglas for a few hours.  It really did seem like the same people enjoying coffee, the same stock in the same shops but no where near as many hippy types as previous years.  The large crocodile which always enjoying sunning himself on the mud flats of the Mowbray River has been joined by a couple of companions this year.  We had a brief stop at the Rex Lookout on the way home and watched the kite flyers for a short while and enjoyed the varied colours of the Coral Sea.

Having received an email from “Telstra” earlier in the week relating to my wifi modem and the computer’s virus protection going into hysterics, a visit to a Telstra shop was called for.  Our usual shop at Stocklands no longer has tech support so it was back to Cairns Central and an appointment with a very helpful Irishman.  He was very doubtful about the legitimacy of the email but was quite happy to check the modem and update it.  It would seem that “Norton does know best!”

The walking track north to Brinsmead has reopened after being closed for nearly a week during cane cutting operations.  Our walk yesterday revealed that not only had a large amount of cane disappeared, but a sizeable section of land had been replanted at the new cane was well visible already.  During the afternoon we visited the Munro Martin Park once again (last time was during a very wet ballet performance) and were able to compare it to this time last year when it had just opened after redevelopment.  Lots of pretty flower photos!

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