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Friday, 25 August 2017

Hot Days in Cairns

Friday, 25 August 2017

Remembering the fallen

Cairns Cenotaph

Installing the Installation

Rescue party

Still plenty of water

Local fauna

Four months to Christmas, in case anyone is counting!

The weather has continued to be monotonously clear, hot and sunny, with daytime temperatures around the 29-30 degrees.  It will be difficult to leave this climate in another week.

Last Friday was Vietnam Veterans (Long Tan) Day and we joined other veterans at the Cairns Cenotaph for the annual service.  Such a beautiful setting on Trinity Inlet, especially with a high tide.

The weekend came and went, like many other days, Tuesday was our normal bowls night.  Although bowling well, no prize money this week.  During one of our walks along the Esplanade, we noticed that the installation of the new $1,000,000 art installation had commenced.  No doubt, there will soon be many letters in the local newspaper!

Yesterday afternoon we once again walked to the Crystal Cascades, thinking it would be cooler under the trees.  Although shady, it was much more humid, but there were plenty of Ulysses butterflies to keep us happy.  Unfortunately, we also met a Raging Canyons party returning from a much shortened afternoon and carrying one of the party in a sling stretcher.  Probably not quite the experience many of the young overseas tourists were expecting.  As we neared the entrance to the Cascades, we came to an abrupt halt when I spotted another of the local reptiles crossing the path (we very nearly walked on it!).  The small group approaching from the other direction also decided to stand back and wait until it disappeared among the leaves and undergrowth.

Last night we enjoyed a meal out with James and Maureen (from Canberra) and two other couples we have met in the caravan park.  The park is thinning out quite noticeably now, although there are still plenty of overseas tourists in campervans and motor homes spending a night or two.

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Sally Glover said...

The parade looked great, prepare yourself for the cold down south .