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Monday, 4 June 2018


Monday, 4 June 2018

Not even thinking about it!

Our caravan in the distance

Sunset through the trees
Under the Bourke wharf
Freeloading spectators!

Outback show

PV Jandra

Down by the riverside ...

Out back of the caravan park

Contented Cat

After an enjoyable campfire on Friday night, followed by a freezing start to Saturday, we were on our way early (after fond farewells) for the long drive to Bourke.  The road was great, there was little traffic and although there was plenty of wildlife (the usual emus and kangaroos) to be seen, it did stay off the road.  Today were saw the most goats ever in a day – most of them had a couple of kids in toe – and it is absolutely mind boggling to think just how many feral goats live in this country.  We had a couple of short stops for driver changes before arriving at Cobar and topping up the fuel.  It was time to make a left hand turn and head north once again, with a lunch break on the side of the road.  The number of emus seemed to increase the closer we came to Bourke and there must have been a flock of nearly one hundred on the golf course – wonder if there is a stroke penalty for hitting an emu???

We are staying at Kidman’s Camp on the Mitchell Highway at North Bourke, about eight kilometres from the town centre.  This is a real oasis, with its green grass, trees and rose bushes, in the centre of an extremely dry and dusty area.  A three night stay will be a welcome rest after four days on the road.

With a brand new outback show having recently commenced at the Back o’ Bourke Centre, we joined the other tourists to enjoy an hour and a half of informative talk and action relating to horsemanship, sheep/cattle dogs, whip cracking, flies and emus (both a sheepdog and horse were more intent on watching the large flocks of emus which also joined the audience and needed a couple of reminders at times).

The weather today continues to be warm (about 20 degrees) with cloudless blue skies and a slight breeze.  Another rest day, which is a good chance to catch up on the necessary housework, visit the local service station and supermarket, plus stop at the old Darling River wharf.  This afternoon we enjoyed a walk from the caravan park to the Darling River and watched the PV Jandra set out for a cruise.

Today was my first “no socks” day; Cat has certainly been enjoying the warm sun as well.

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