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Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Our backyard

and looking the other way

Interesting mobile

Same couple - different river

Cat checking out our lemon tree

Sunset over the river

Hoping for a fish

Time to head north again, after a cool start to the day at Bourke.  We joined the exodus from the caravan park and were on the road about 8.30am.  The road continued to be good, with long straights, no hills, little traffic and thousands of emus!  The amount of roadkill (both kangaroos and emus) seemed to increase once we crossed the Queensland border – at one stage the emus outnumbered the roos.  Not only is the drought affecting the barren countryside – just dirt and/or sand – but it is starting to damage the roadways.  We were held up on two occasions while the cracks in the road were filled with tar; we now know what all the tarry squiggles on the roads are for.

We arrived at the Warrego Riverside Caravan Park at Cunnamulla before lunch and were quickly set up on our drive through site, complete with our own backyard, hedges and large lemon tree.  There are plenty of lemon, lime and cumquat trees in fruit and we are welcome to take some fruit, as well as help ourselves to the herbs which have survived the kangaroos.  Apart from a walk along the Warrego River after lunch and a bit of socialising around the campfire, it was a relaxing afternoon enjoying the sun.


Sally Glover said...

Yeah you have got the shorts on, quite nice here in dubbo

Anonymous said...

Lemon drizzle cake for dessert? Hope so.