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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Cairns, Sirens and Lights

Tuesday, 3 July 2018



With Jenny and Brian

Reflections on Freshwater Creek

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Freshwater Creek

They keep appearing

Freshwater Creek

Freshwater Creek

Crystal Cascades

Today is our 47th wedding anniversary and we were lucky enough to be joined by Brian and Jenny at a celebratory lunch in Cairns.  Today is also the first time we have seen the sun for many, many days.  In fact, it has been very, very wet and the ground is very, very soggy.  With the sun shining, the crew at the caravan park have taken the opportunity to get the mowers and blowers out, as well as plenty of crusher dust.  Unfortunately, the March floods left a large deposit of silt in the caravan park, which very quickly turned to a red, sticky mess in all the rain.  Hopefully it will now disappear back below the level of the grass.

With the weather being so bad, we have had a fairly quiet week but did manage to get in a walk to the Crystal Cascades as well as some walks to feed the fish and inspect the neighbourhood. The rain also brought out some of the local wildlife, like the ghekko curled up in one of our camp chairs ready to scare anyone who wanted a seat.

Our friends, Jenny and Brian, arrived earlier than expected, so it has been nice to catch up with them – and their news – as well as sharing a meal with all the trimmings, and brownies for dessert!  Jenny and Brian also joined us for lunch at Barnacle Bill’s today and as we were driving through the CBD, a following police car turned on the siren and flashing lights and pulled us over – Himself was driving.  Petite young lady (with arms nearly at right angles over all the belt hardware) walked to the driver’s window and young man walked to mine.  “You’re a long way from Margate Sir.”  “Have you checked us out already?”  “No, I saw the sticker on the rear of your car.  I’m from Margate and used to have my car serviced at the same place.”  By this time, the back seat passengers were in stitches and Himself looked like he needed CPR!  After a bit more chitchat, it was “Have a nice day” and off we all went.

Question of the week by a Queenslander: Did you drive all the way here?


Barry and Denise said...

I gone one better. They a gave me a ticket with the date time and place I was there.

Dave said...

Hah! I thought it was going to be a bowls sticker...