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Monday, 11 January 2016


Sunday, 10th January 2016

Diamond Head at sunset

Part of the crowd

Our hotel - we are on the 6th floor on the right

Good friends

Looking back to the Pink Palace and our hotel on its right

My territory!

War Memorial Baths

Nemos, of course

Coral and anemones

Giant clam

Dancing starfish


Happy being yellow

Another jellyfish


Hermit crab out for a walk


A face only a mother could love - maybe


Patting a sea urchin

Our final day in Hawaii before flying home tomorrow.

Last night we joined thousands of onlookers on the beach to once again watch the sunset.  The colours each night are just amazing.

Today we were treated to clear, blue skies once again from early morning, no wind but the surf was much stronger today – and the riders were out in force all day.  After breakfast, we decided on a walk along the foreshore in the direction of Diamond Head, joining lots and lots of tourists and locals all out for some early morning exercise before it became too hot.  There were many groups learning hula dancing, doing yoga, exercises, playing beach volleyball or simply out for a jog.  We kept on walking past all the many statues, with the occasional stop to admire the scenery (although we seemed to have different ideas on what constituted “scenery”), look at the fish or watch a couple of large crabs battle over territory.  At the end of the pathway and park, we discovered an old War Memorial Swimming Baths and the Waikiki Aquarium.  We spent a very enjoyable hour at the aquarium, looking at the different types of fish (some were quite familiar!) and jellyfish before watching the seals being fed.  We then had a long stroll back to the centre of Waikiki, but there was always something interesting to look at.  (There does seem to be a large amount of silicone in this region!)

This afternoon, it was time to make the last minute purchases before packing the suitcases – let’s hope that they both make it home intact.

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