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Friday, 8 January 2016

Hawaii Continued

Thursday, 7th January 2016

Most of the shopping is his!

Dinner at the Hula Grill last night was rather “interesting.”  As usual when I ordered, I explained about my chilli/capsicum allergy and produced pictures so there would be no confusion and the waitress wrote down all the details for the chef.  The setting was lovely, we were against the verandah railing and looked down the beach; the weather was very balmy.  The food arrived – the fish looked lovely on its bed of mashed potato and the green beans were a lovely colour.  I was assured that no chilli or capsicum/peppers had touched my plate.  Waitress departed before I started poking about the beans, just to be sure, to be sure.  Of course, what did I find?  Waitress was recalled, she apologised profusely, assured me the food would be binned and a new meal cooked and plated up.  Himself ate his meal while I waited.  Waitress eventually returned, apologised again and guaranteed that there was no way my food could be contaminated and departed.  Being rather suspicious, I lifted the beans to discover a large amount of capsicum concealed under the food.  Not happy and the restaurant manager very quickly appeared on the scene with more apologies and expected me to accept another meal cooked by the same chef!  As if!!!  He, and all diners within earshot, were left in no doubt about what I feelings for his restaurant and the deliberate concealment of the peppers.  After offering to pay for the meal which had been consumed, we were told that we weren’t expected to pay for anything.  We left dramatically, never to return.  The review will be available on TripAdvisor very shortly.

Not much to report for today except that we did our bit for the economy of the Waikele Outlets.  We used the shuttle service, which only took thirty minutes, and spent nearly five hours shopping.  Some brands which are expensive in Australia are amazingly cheap here, whereas there is little difference with others.  Himself has given Ralph the flick in favour of Tommy.

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