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Thursday, 7 January 2016


Wednesday, 6th January 2016

Early morning board riders in the distance

Sun rising behind Diamond Head

Our private stretch of sand

Last of the decorations - now all gone

Decorations still hanging in a tree

A cardinal?

Photo with the Prince

Fig tree

Beachside waterfall

Selfie at Waikiki

One of us had no trouble adjusting to the three hour time difference and slept until his usual 7.00 am – the other one is still adjusting.  Breakfast was in the most delightful setting this morning, on the verandah at the edge of the beach with the sun rising over Diamond Head and a warm, gentle breeze to keep us comfortable.  The pancakes were nearly as good as Shan’s!  The beach is a lovely place to be early in the morning – so peaceful.

Following breakfast, it was a short walk across the street to purchase a new pair of Croc thongs for Himself (his others had a nasty accident before we left home) and then some hand and foot pampering for t’other – finally starting to get some moisture back into the skin and lose the black fur/wool from under the fingernails.  After that, it was time to check out the Waikiki retail area, but I don’t think we will be buying too much in this location – it has become extremely upmarket, although these shops never seem to have customers in them!  It wasn’t too long before a bandaid was found for a fast developing blister between someone’s toes.

This afternoon, we walked along the shore front in the direction of Diamond Head, with a stop at the statue of The Prince for a photo and then at a waterfall garden (what else would there be on the edge of the sand?) before returning along the sand.  The water was even warm enough to have a paddle.

It has been quite humid today and hot, especially in the sun.  The tourists look just like the tourists in Cairns – very pasty white fast turning bright red.


Anonymous said...

I've been to that fig tree! And to that statue!! And to that waterfall!! Now where is the cheesecake factory? Watch out for Sheldon.

Anonymous said...

The necklace is stunning. Someone has good taste.