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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Beautiful Weather in Cairns

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lunch with Milton and Margaret

Flower of above palm

Keep walking ...

Getting closer ...

Last Friday, we were joined by Milton and Margaret at a very enjoyable lunch at Barnacle Bill’s on the Esplanade.  The weather was superb – it was so nice sitting outside, talking and watching the world go by.  We had decided to move next door and partake of an ice cream for dessert, when the waitress informed us that desserts were complimentary during the month of August.  Quick change of plans!  Following lunch, it was a stroll (no one was capable of much walking much faster) through the Botanic Gardens – very pleasant under the trees.  We dropped Milton and Margaret back at Lake Placid and stopped to have a look at their caravan; we were very surprised at how much room their a-frame Avan had.

Saturday morning was a bit overcast but still very warm, which made conditions much more comfortable for a morning walk along the creek.  No scary noises today, thank goodness!!!  The clouds cleared after lunch and we were treated to a hot and sunny afternoon.  Later in the evening we were also treated to some extremely loud “music” emanating from a property somewhere in the valley.  About 10 pm, the noise suddenly stopped – perhaps the neighbours finally couldn’t put up with it anymore and called the police.

Sunday dawned with clear skies, although another cool morning to start with, and very quickly warmed up.  We had a quiet morning, chatting to an old school/work colleague before a walk and fish feeding.  After lunch, we headed to Rusty’s Market, having discovered that prices are reduced drastically on Sunday afternoon; eight avocadoes for $2 for example, and were then lucky enough to find a parking spot along the Esplanade.  Having missed out on an ice cream last Friday, withdrawal symptoms for really setting in.  While we were sitting on the boardwalk eating said ice cream, we noticed a couple way out on the mud flats (low tide) taking photos of themselves, the pelicans and seagulls.  The pelicans weren’t interested in what they were trying to feed them, but the seagulls certainly came from everywhere.

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