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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Winter Days

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Vietnam Veterans' Day

Inlet at Port Douglas

Looking the other way

Waiting for lunch

Fast boat

Slow boat

Four Mile Beach

Monday saw a mass exodus of caravans from the park, but amazingly, most of the sites were occupied again by the end of the afternoon.  Monday was just a day for general cleaning, laundry, etc., followed by a walk to keep the fish happy and growing.  James and Maureen managed to help finish off the orange and poppyseed cake at afternoon tea time.

Tuesday was much the same, with a visit to the supermarket thrown in and a new cake baked to refill the tin.  Being Vietnam Veterans’ Day, we joined a number of veterans (and midgies) at the War Cenotaph late in the afternoon for the memorial service.  Following that, it was our usual game of bowls at Edgehill.

Wednesday, we travelled north to Port Douglas – the drive along the coast was superb, with clear, blue seas and long, golden beaches.  We had arranged to meet John and Brenda at Glengarry Caravan Park (a very nice, tropical park on the outskirts of Port Douglas) before continuing in to the tourist town.  We had lunch at The Tin Shed, a restaurant right on the waterfront near the marina.  Such a beautiful setting, with a gentle breeze to keep us cool while we watched a variety of tourist boats sail past – fast ones, slow ones, basic ones and very palatial ones.  The food was okay, too.  After lunch, John drove us to the lookout (beats walking up the hill!) for the limited view through the trees of the Port Douglas Beach stretching away into the distance.  We were also treated to a sausage sizzle at the caravan park last night, and someone even managed to eat two sausages plus all the trimmings!

This morning was spent at Cairns Central and Toys R Us – some little people’s names were on the shopping list, as well as a birthday present, which is still under consideration.  It was a lunch time that Himself realised that our refrigerator hasn’t as cold as it should be, so after consulting the manual, the change was made from electricity to gas and the local repairer contacted.  We will be taking the caravan for a little drive tomorrow afternoon.

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