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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

Sunday, 2 August 2015
Lunch with Gladys, Graeme, James and Maureen

Trinity Inlet

Turtles at the Cruise Liner Terminal

Picture window

Fig tree playground


and calling card

Friday morning the rain returned and absolutely bucketed down during the morning.  As variety is supposedly the spice of life, I decided to add some spice and do the grocery shopping at Smithfield instead of Redlynch.  I also decided that a large umbrella would be preferable to my small fold-up versions, so purchased an extra large, red and white striped umbrella – naturally.  Needless to say, by the time I had completed the shopping, the rain had disappeared, the sun came out and we steamed!!!  During the afternoon, we enjoyed a walk through the rain forest along the creek, taking a couple of slices of bread to feed the ever-hungry fish.  We have previously seen some small eels in the creek but the monster which appeared this afternoon must have been the great-granddaddy of them all.

We had a few showers overnight, but Saturday was just the most superb day, weatherwise – clear and hot.  James had invited us to lunch at Yorkey’s Knob Boathouse, which is a superb setting right on the water and overlooking a marina.  The setting does make up for the food.  Gladys wasn’t too impressed when James’ lunch was included in their bill!  We are given to understand that James entered into a repayment scheme with Graeme.  Following lunch, we drove back into Cairns for an ice cream at our favourite outlet.  When we returned to the caravan, we discovered that the curlews had taken up residence under our awning.

The rain returned early Sunday morning but had cleared by the time the washing was ready to hang on the line.  The skies cleared and the heat intensified as we again returned to the centre of Cairns to visit the Cairns Indigenous Art Festival at the Cruise Liner Terminal.  Instead of entering in the middle, we decided to walk to the end of the building, enter through the far door and walk back the entire length.  There was some beautiful artwork on displays – painting and sculptures – and I was happy taking photos of interesting pieces.  When we exited the art gallery (through the door in the middle of the building), I noticed a large sign advising no photos to be taken.  (Really, if they were serious, there should have been a sign at all entry points!)  As we wandered outside the cruise terminal, looking at the scenery across the inlet, we spotted a large curtain fig tree which had been turned into an adventure playground; happy children climbing up through the roots as well as using the constructed equipment.  Once again, the curlews came to visit this afternoon – while we were sitting under the awning.

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