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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cairns Festival

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Maternity Ward

Lunch with James and Maureen

The calorie free version, of course

Mobile Medic

Stick people/insects

Big bug

More bugs

Cairns mob

PNG mob

School dragon

Japanese dancers

Old Man Emu

Two cute koalas

This koala wanted to be a kangaroo

The Hare Krishnas were there

All arms and legs


Taipans' mascot

Chinese lion

Chinese dragon - part thereof

Chinese drummers

How to read music in the dark

Full moon over the inlet

Fireworks and moon

As the heat intensifies, our time in Cairns is fast drawing to a close – only two sleeps remain before we commence the drive south.

Last Wednesday, we joined James and Maureen for lunch at Barnacle Bill’s.  Even though we all had lovely main courses, none of us could resist the complimentary desserts!  Needless to say, it wasn’t necessary to cook an evening meal.

The remainder of the week just seemed to disappear, with the usual shopping, etc, and Friday was spent at the hairdressers for some maintenance.  However, we were “treated” to an all time departure record when a caravan a couple down from us was hitched up (and the road blocked) at 6.55 am.  The owners then disappeared into the caravan for a leisurely breakfast, ablutions and cleaning of the caravan, then jacks were retracted, remainder of gear stowed in boot, car loaded, power cord and hoses rolled and stowed.  Roof lowered, more visits to the amenities, goodbyes said and they were finally ready to leave at 8.35 am.  The poor bloke opposite, who also was waiting to leave, gave up and decided he could manage to back onto his van and left within 10 minutes.

The Cairns Festival Grand Parade was held on Saturday evening, commencing at 5.30 pm.  The weather was very balmy on the Esplanade, with a gentle breeze helping to keep the temperature about 25 degrees.  Although it was daylight when the parade started, it was quite dark when the last entry passed us at just after 7.00 pm, which made photography a bit difficult.  The theme this year was cultural diversity and really highlighted the many cultures living in this region.  Following the parade, we were treated to a fireworks display over the water, with a full moon as a backdrop.

Today, after making a lemon drizzle cake, we started to pack up – well, put the frying pan and rice cooker away, which was a start.  It wont really take long tomorrow to fold up the shade cloths and floor, a table and the cupboard.  The remainder will be secured late tomorrow afternoon.  This afternoon, we visited Rusty’s Market – the frig is now well stocked – and enjoyed what may be our final ice cream (although tomorrow is another day!).

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