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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Deer and Skating in Banff

Monday, 28th December 2015

Cougar Street

Bow River, shortly before noon


Fairmont Banff Springs

Spot the four deer?

Bow River above the falls

Lacing the skates

I'm ready!

Don't let go

Upright and stationery

Keep going

A snow angel on ice

It started to snow again early this morning, quickly building up to a centimetre or two on the path.  It is amazing what a difference a fresh covering of snow does to the appearance of the streets.  It also helps with walking, providing a bit more grip for the boots.

While Dave & Co headed to downtown Banff for some shopping, we headed along the Bow River track, getting much further this time and making the lookout over the Bow Falls and the Fairmont Banff Springs.  Even though it was snowing, there was no wind and it certainly wasn’t unpleasant walking.  Just as we arrived at the lookout, we noticed four deer on the opposite side of the road – they were quite close and didn’t seem concerned.

After meeting up in the main street, we had lunch together before the boys tried out their “new” skates at the ice rink.  It was Aidan’s first attempt at skating and he did very well, quickly managing to stay mostly upright and he was even starting to learn how to slide.  Jack’s previous experience was apparent and although he had a few tumbles, he was coping quite well.

We have a big day planned tomorrow – a helicopter ride and Cat has been warned he will not be allowed spend another day in bed.

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