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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Helicopter Flight Over the Rockies

Tuesday, 29th December 2015

Checking out the helicopter

Snow shoeing

A new friend

Ready for lift off

Base station

Frozen lake

Looking down through the floor

Mountain sheep

Lake Minnewanka

Bow River

Helicopter and pilot

We had a light snowfall during the night but once the sun came up about 8.45 am, we could see the skies were clear and calm.  David and the boys were up early once again, with a day’s skiing planned.  Our plans were completely different – we were taking to the heights from a helicopter.

Before we set out on foot for our rendezvous with the pick-up bus, the temperature had dropped three degrees to -21 – very chilly about the chin!  It is also amazing how quickly one’s nasal passages freeze.  Fortunately, we only had to walk about a block to the Caribou Lodge and were collected on time at 10.30 am for the drive to Kaninaskis.  The scenery was the usual stunning spectacle and the trees looked lovely with a fresh dusting of snow.  The Rockies Heli Tours was situated behind a casino and resort, which was out in the middle of no where.  Coffee and cookies were available while we waited for our flight at noon and we were given a safety briefing as well.  Unfortunately, due to a language barrier, this was a little hard to understand.  Cat also used this waiting period to undertake a little snow shoeing and make new friends.

I was given the co-pilot’s seat up front (well, I did pay extra for the upgrade and it was definitely worth it!), we were strapped in and given headphones and then rose and flew across the reservation towards the Rockie Mountains.  It is impossible to describe the scenery – stunning, superb, spectacular, glorious, unbelievable – so will let the photos tell the story.  We had a thirty minute flight, which went all too quickly.  We saw the township of Canmore, the Three Sisters Mountain, Lake Minnewanka and a few other mountains.  As we returned to base, we were able to see Calgary in the distance on the plain.

Once again, coffee and cookies together with a chat with the pilot (who may well have owned the company, I think).  This was an experience to remembe

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