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Monday, 21 December 2015


Monday, 21 December 2015

Met an interesting chap in duty free!

The very comfortable beds at Rydges soon had us asleep last night; unfortunately it was only for a few hours until we were woken by loud scraping/banging noises which seemed to be coming from outside our door.  After listening for a while, I decided to investigate (though the peep hole, of course).  As I approached the door, it suddenly opened to reveal a male standing in the opening.  Like any damsel in distress, I let out the most amazingly loud and piercing scream!  The male standing in the doorway turned out to be Himself, who had also decided to investigate the noises.  By this time, most of the guests in the near vicinity were awake.  It was some time before our heart rates, and adrenalin, returned to normal and sleep returned.

Monday in Sydney has been very, very dreary with low smog and cloud – not very warm either, although we have been in air conditioned buildings all day.  Unfortunately, our hoped-for upgrade didn’t eventuate so we have applied for an upgrade on our return flight.  Check-in went smoothly, as did immigration and security – we were in the Qantas Club lounge in less than thirty minutes.  Our flight to Dallas has been delayed by an hour (at this stage), so will be here for a while yet listening to all the coughs and nose blowing, as well as enjoying the selection of food available.

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