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Friday, 25 December 2015

Jingle Bells

Thursday, 24th December 2015

A message from Santa

Clearing the windows

In the festive spirit

Ready and waiting

Anonymous and David

Mt Rundle in the background

Just like our sleigh

Warming up by the campfire

Why do I have to sit next to this dopey looking dog?

Toasting (or cremating) marshmallows

Cold campsite in Banff Avenue

Cascade Mountain

Once again, it was -16 early this morning but by 8.00 am, when it was just daylight, we could tell that it was snowing outside.  Very exciting!  Of course, this added extra time to our departure preparations, as all the windows on the car (which is a GMC Yukon, not a Suburban) had to be brushed clean before leaving.  This morning we crossed the Bow River to the Warner Stables and enjoyed a sleigh ride through the forest and frozen marsh.  Jack and Aidan were lucky enough to sit up front with Mike, our driver, and enjoy all the delights of being in close range to two large horses.  Needless to say, the horses were bobtails and were outfitted with sleigh bells.  Very Christmassy.  It was very cold and snowed the whole time – Cat very quickly ducked back under the rug.  Following the ride, we were treated to hot chocolate and marshmallows at the campfire.

This afternoon, we enjoyed a spot of retail therapy while David and Co went for a walk along the Bow River, with Aidan breaking in his new snow boots.  It has continued to snow all day, which has made walking a little easier and not as slippery.

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