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Monday, 13 July 2015

Atherton Tablelands

Monday, 13 July 2015
McHugh's Lookout

Millaa Millaa Falls

Lake Barrine


Kauri spotting

Jungle vines


Fish photos

Orange flowers


Spot the snake - it's there!

Lake Barrine Teahouse

War Memorial

Curtain Fig Tree

Tableland cow

Another glorious morning in Cairns, just perfect for our day on the Tablelands.  Queensland is having a “cold snap” at the moment, with the locals all in shock – as we drove through Atherton (temperature 18 degrees), we spotted a local dressed in a hooded coat and blowing into his hands!  With such clear air, the scenery was at its best as we drove through Atherton and on to Herberton.  As we continued towards Millaa Millaa, we stopped at McHugh’s Lookout for a photo opportunity – superb vistas!  Our stop at Millaa Millaa Falls elicited many ooohs from both Kathryn and Emma, although neither was sorry that their baths were still back at their hotel; some mutterings about the water being very cold.

We continued through Malanda, to our lunch stop at Lake Barrine Teahouse, with more photo opportunities to Emma to chase fish and a walk through the jungle to the twin Kauri pines before our lake cruise.  This was a most enjoyable hour – beautiful weather, wonderful guide/captain with a wonderful sense of humour, plenty of wild life and only twelve tourists!  We saw ducks, coots, eels, turtles and even a carpet python curled up in a basket fern.  Being on the top deck, we were able to look directly into the fern, but it took us some time to actually spot the snake, the camouflage was so good.

Our next stop was at the Avenue of Honour, Yungaburra.  This Memorial to the Defence Force personnel who served and lost their lives in Afghanistan, is located on the shore of Lake Tinaroo.  Then it was on to the Curtain Fig Tree, along with a bus load of tourists, before asking our guests if they wanted to stop at the chocolate factory or travel directly back to Cairns.  Emma became quite animated at the word “chocolate,” so a stop was called for – as well as an odd purchase or two!

We decided on a quick dinner at Cazaly’s tonight, but didn’t realise it was the Monthly Monday when all their prize winners from the previous month receive their free roast!  The evening was completed with a Movenpick ice cream – the last opportunity for Emma and Kathryn before their departure tomorrow.  The week has gone so quickly!

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