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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Cairns and Palm Cove

Wednesday, 8 July 2015
Catching up with Cat

At the Lagoon

Chocolate waffles - yummy!

At Palm Cove

Favourite granddaughter

It's wet!

Warmer than home!

Foot spa

Now they tell us!

Late yesterday afternoon saw us at Cairns Airport waiting for Emma and Kathryn to arrive.  The temperature had been -2 degrees when they left home and evidently five layers of clothing was removed during their Brisbane stopover!  After checking into Rydges Tradewinds, we returned to the caravan for nibbles and dinner.

This morning was dedicated to Emma’s shopping expedition; having outgrown last summer’s clothes, a new wardrobe was at the top of her “to do” list.  We went straight to the Quicksilver/Roxy shop at DFO and within an hour had her new purchases in the bag and ready to check out Cairns Central for a pair of thongs.  This was when our morning became very interesting – a shop assistant in a surf shop (with extremely loud “background” music) didn’t bother to tell us what the scanned price of the thongs was until Emma had handed over her $50, expecting $30 change.  When I queried the cost being different to what we had expected, was told that she had already rung it up and they didn’t give refunds!  Words were said, ground was stood, more words were said and the manager’s presence requested.  Manager nearly as rude but did agree, just this once, to give Emma her money back.  Shop assistant told us that she did tell us the price and next time she would shout as us.  Wont be a next time.  Found an even nice pair of thongs, at a cheaper price, on another shop with a very nice lady helping us.

Being so stressed out, a chocolate hit was called for, so we decided on a waffle lunch at Movenpick – also Kathryn’s introduction to the ice cream.  Parking seemed to be at a premium and after a couple of blockies, we ended up parking at The Pier and walking past the Lagoon and along the boardwalk.  Then it was back to the caravan park to make some reservations for the reef and Skyrail, feed the fish and ooh and aah over the Ulysses butterflies.

The afternoon was rounded off with a trip to Palm Cove and unfortunately there was quite a strong wind blowing.  However, the wind didn’t stop us walking along the beach (and getting our toes wet by the rough, incoming tide and walking out onto the pier.  It was a bit sad to see so many empty shops along the esplanade.

Dinner tonight was at Cazaly’s.

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