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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wet Tropics

Thursday, 23 July 2015
Armoured motorbike

Russian mobile SAM

Anti-aircraft gun


Big Tank and Little Tank


Guess who was helping out?

Might need a retread

Mobile Howitzer

Ferret Scout Car and Tank

Problem solving

Monday – it rained.  Monday also saw a mass exodus of caravans, which resulted in a mass influx of caravans as all the sites were re-occupied.  Monday also saw the arrival of James and Maureen, Graeme and Gladys.  We really did need someone to blame for bringing the rain.

Tuesday – it rained again, and the humidity seemed to increase even more.  Apart from look at the laundry hanging under the awning before conceding defeat and heading to the dryers, we didn’t do very much.  However, we did manage a short walk between showers (taking the umbrella, of course) to feed the fish and were lucky enough to see a turtle on the rocks, as well as an eel.  Luckily, we managed to play bowls in the evening without getting wet.  Again, the temperature was still about 23 degrees with humidity about 80% - some of the locals were obviously feeling the cold and rugged up in the polar fleece jackets and woolly jumpers!

Wednesday – it rained again.  Apart from a visit to the hairdressers, nothing very exciting happened, apart from a trip to Helloworld for a bit of research on accommodation in Hawaii.

Thursday – yes, you guessed it – still raining, and quite heavily until lunch time.  After lunch, as the rain seemed to have stopped for a little while, we decided to check out the new Armour and Artillery Museum.  Very interesting, with a very large number of armoured vehicles from armoured motorbikes to huge tanks; tiny cannon to a Russian SAM missile.  There were many tanks/vehicles from England, Germany and Russia, with a few Canadian examples as well.  The museum also seemed to be the meeting place for all the midgies within a 10 km radius!  As we were leaving, we stopped for a while to watch the first stage of the unloading of a new arrival – a Russian tank.  Three large cranes and operators were preparing to lift it from a low-loader.  James invited himself and Maureen to afternoon tea – luckily I had made a banana loaf this morning.

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