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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Crystal Cascades and Reptiles

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades

Eclectus parrot with friend

Latest in hair adornment

Croc wrestling

We had new neighbours overnight Saturday – their main aim in life seemed to be breaking the record for the number of times their whizzbang’s door could be opened and shut!!!  They are definitely the new record holders.

Sunday morning was quite overcast; we needed to visit Smithfield Shopping Centre market for some plants (basil and a flowering plant) and it was raining heavily by the time we arrived.  However, once we crossed the Barron River on our return, the rain disappeared until after lunch.  We enjoyed dinner at Cazaley’s, with Brian and Zelma (opposite us in the caravan park) and some friends of theirs.  The meal was lovely and while the others were collecting their desserts, we decided to make our usual $2 donation to the poker machines.  After pushing a combination of buttons a few times (I believe this is what is necessary, after watching other patrons), my machine suddenly started playing very loud music and it then spat out $19 in coins.  Needless to say, it went straight into the handbag!  It was a very enjoyable outing.

Monday morning was time to continue the shopping recce for the visitors, so Cairns Central was given the once over.  Not much has changed since last year, perhaps a couple of shops have moved location and I’m sure Myer still have the same stock on sale.  After lunch, we opted for a drive and walk to the Crystal Cascades – so nice walking under the canopy but very humid (the heat today has been much more intense).  Following the record rainfalls in June, the Cascades were much higher than we have ever seen them, with plenty of water flowing over the rocks.

Cat is shedding badly – black fur all over the furniture.

Tuesday morning dawned clear and sunny – perfect weather to welcome Kathryn and Emma to Cairns.  The caravan park guests were treated to a visit by a couple of keepers and inhabitants of the Cairns Zoo this morning – a beautiful parrot, and olive python and an estuarine crocodile.  I was happy to hold both the parrot and crocodile but there were too many children lined up to cuddle the snake.

The lemon drizzle cake is cooling on the bench, we now have to wait for the plane to arrive.

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