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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hot and Humid in Cairns

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Useless implement

Freshwater Creek

Inspecting the cane - or looking for snakes?

View southwards

Very fine spiderweb with drop of water

African tulip tree?

Flowers of said tree

Of course it is healthy - all the food groups are on the plate!

Friday was still very drizzly and very humid – until about 10.00 am, then the clouds disappeared and the sun came out.  The temperature very quickly shot up to 31 degrees and the humidity dropped to about 50%; much more pleasant.  We didn’t really do very much on Friday, apart from call into Helloworld to collect our accommodation vouchers for Hawaii.

The beautiful weather continued on Saturday, with high temperatures once again.  We had an early morning walk along the edge of the canefields beside Freshwater Creek.  This bike/walking path is very popular with both locals and visitors.

Today is still very hot but the slight cloud cover has resulted in much higher humidity once again.  Needless to say, the washing dries very quickly!  With fruit and veggie supplies getting low, it was in to Rusty’s Market for a top up and as we were near the Esplanade, felt it would be very bad form not to support the local Movenpick ice cream supplier.

After receiving, as a gift from a special daughter, an appliance that obviously is a must have in the tropics – a pineapple peeler and corer – I am sorry to report that this implement is absolutely and totally useless!

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