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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Relaxing in Cairns

 Saturday, 11 July 2015

Three Wise Girls

The diet starts next week

Here fishy ...

Bunyip, yeti or drop bear?

Today was a “girls’ day,” with Himself left at home (once again) to enjoy the hospitality – and morning tea with scones – of his fellow caravanners who felt sorry for him having to make his own coffee!  Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed the Esplanade Markets and a spot or two of retail therapy, as well as the beautiful, warm weather, before spotting a lovely little salon offering reflexology and foot massages.  It didn’t really take long for us to agree that “I will if you want to” and head inside for some very enjoyable relaxation therapy.  If fact, we strongly suspect that Emma did even manage to fall asleep.  Feeling much refreshed, we continued the retail therapy before calling a halt at the Coffee Club for lunch.  (I must find out what is meant by the term, “eye candy!”)

We returned to the caravan for a short rest – and to look at all the underwater photos taken on the reef yesterday – before heading to the creek and the hungry fish.  As we were walking back up the track, Kathryn gives an almighty scream and dashes behind me!  Thinking there must be a snake on the track, I was a little bemused until I saw the two creatures coming towards us.  As soon as they were spotted, one immediately went bush and the other stood still, pretending it wasn’t there.  A Bex, cup of tea and a lie down was definitely called for once we arrived back at the caravan, but had to make do with a sav blanc instead.

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